Swim Diaper

  • Swim Diaper-L
  • Swim Diaper-L
  • Swim Diaper-L
  • Swim Diaper-L
  • Swim Diaper-L
  • Swim Diaper-L
Swim Diaper-LSwim Diaper-LSwim Diaper-LSwim Diaper-LSwim Diaper-LSwim Diaper-L

Swim Diaper-L

  • Outer: Plain PUL
  • Inner: Mesh nylon
  • 3 row snaps
  • 3 rows rising snaps to adjust the different baby
  • Product description: swim diapers extra large, swim diapers 3-6 months

Product Information

1, Name: Swim Diaper

2, Size: L

3, Details: Three row snaps, 3 rows rising snaps to adjust the, different baby, Mesh nylon inner, breathable, fast-drying.

4, Out Fabric Options: Print PUL/ Plain PUL/ Plain Minky/ Print Minky

5, Print: More than 300 prints/ printeds as your request

6, Package:

Product packaging: 1 pc per opp bag, without company information

Shipment packaging: Vacuum Packing or Carton packaging.(Carton size 52cm*37cm*50cm/ 53cm*38*cm*65cm)

7, MOQ: 300pcs, 30pcs/ prints

8, Delivery time 28-30days


1) About Material

It is made of 100% Polyester, inner is mesh fabric, dry fast.

2) About Color and Weight

There are more than 300 prints. The weight of swimming pants is about 50g/pc

3) About size

0-1 Years Old(Include 0-3 Months, 4-6 Months, 7-9 Months, 10-12 Months), 1-2 Years Old (Include 13-18 Months, 19-26 Months).

4) About Washing

Hand wash before wearing and only in lukewarm water less than 30 °C.



One size fits all, washable and reusable, never waste your money for one-off diapers.


Polyurethane laminated outer, innoxious, never hold the moisture, which allow the pet's skin to breathe. Without any chemicals, perfumes or toxins of disposable nappies,it's safe to use, natural fiaber is available for diapers too, cotton, bamboo, hemp and so on.

3.Easy to use

Snaps or velcro as closure,so easy to wear for your baby, just like disposable diapers.

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