Pocket Diaper

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  • Pocket diaper-18
  • Pocket diaper-18
  • Pocket diaper-18
Pocket diaper-18Pocket diaper-18Pocket diaper-18Pocket diaper-18

Pocket diaper-18

  • Outer: Print PUL/ Inner: Suede Cloth
  • Double Opening: Two pocket for putting inserts
  • Double row snaps: More stable
  • Double Gussets: hold legs gently and no leaky
  • Product description: This is a square tabpocket diaper.
    Fit 3-15kg Baby

If you are a wholesaler and plan to order 50pcs, 100pcs or more, pls leave me message.

We would like to offer you as per your qty. , of course some discounts for bigger order.


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