Cloth Menstrual Pads

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  • Menstrual Pad-1
Menstrual Pad-1Menstrual Pad-1Menstrual Pad-1Menstrual Pad-1Menstrual Pad-1Menstrual Pad-1

Menstrual Pad-1

  • Outer: print PUL
  • Inner: bamboo charcoal
  • Sewn in: 2 layers microfiber
  • Size: S/ M/ L
  • Product description: menstrual cycle heating pad

Dear customer,

Thanks for your time to read this message. There are more and more customers asking for wholesale price, for better cummunication, we would like to list some replies as below:
1.If you are a wholesaler and plan to order 50pcs, 100pcs or more, pls leave me message, I would like to offer you as per your qty. , of course some discounts for bigger order.

2.For bigger order (50pcs,100pcs or more), we normally send out parcels by express (DHL, Fedex, UPS, Arames or SF-express etc.).If you prefer others please let me know.

3.We could declare the value you wanted, but probably you also need to pay some import taxes. Paying for the taxes is an obligation of citizen, please do not put the cost on me if you are charged by your customs. please check your law before giving me indication.

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Product Information

1, Name: Menstrual Pad

2, Size: S/ M/ L

3, Age Group: Female

4, Out Fabric Options: Print PUL/ Plain PUL/ Plain Minky/ Print Minky

5, Inner Fabric Options: Bamboo Charcoal/ Bamboo cotton/ Bamboo terry/ Suedecloth/ Microfleece

6, Print: More than 300 prints/ printeds as your request

7, Sewn in fabric options: Bamboo charcoal/ bamboo cotton/ bamboo terry/ hemp cotton/ microfiber

8, Package:

Product packaging: 1 pc per opp bag, without company information

Shipment packaging: Vacuum Packing or Carton packaging.(Carton size 52cm*37cm*50cm/ 53cm*38*cm*65cm)

9, MOQ: 300 Pieces(Customized order is Ok)

10, Delivery time 7 days


1. 100% Bamboo is all that touches your delicate skin.
2.  Naturally deodorising, breathable and antibacterial.
3.  Easy to use, just clip around underwear.
4.  Machine washable.

5.  Highly absorbent and the outer is lined with a waterproof Pul/Minky layer to prevent leaking.

Cloth pads

Our cloth pads come in a range of cute prints, styles and fabrics so you are sure to find something that works for you.

The pads are cleverly designed to absorb a large quantity of fluid and fast, but not take forever to dry.

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How to clean your cloth pads:

There are several ways in which you can clean your cloth pads. This is the way we personally would recommend as its pretty stain resistant:

Fold the pad in half length ways and then do up the snaps so the pad stays shut, then put it in a bucket or wet bag. Repeat this process until the end of your cycle, until you start to run out of pads or until you have filled the wet bag/bucket.

Then go back and open up all the pads and put them back/move them into the bucket. Fill up the bucket with cold or warm water (do NOT use hot water as this can set any stains). Then add a scoop of some antioxidant (a natural brand would be best) or stain remover and let the pads soak over night. You can place a tea towel over the bucket or place a lid partially over it if you wish not to see inside, however do not completely cover with the lid as this limits the oxygen supply and can produce a musky smell later on.

Next, tip out the water into the toilet and throw the pads into your washing machine. You can use a water softener but do not use a fabric softener as this can reduce the absorbency of the pads. We usually wash our pads on a "super rinse" cycle but a fast wash will be fine, then leave the pads to air dry which usually takes a few hours.

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