Adult Diaper

  • Adult Cloth Diaper-1
  • Adult Cloth Diaper-1
  • Adult Cloth Diaper-1
  • Adult Cloth Diaper-1
Adult Cloth Diaper-1Adult Cloth Diaper-1Adult Cloth Diaper-1Adult Cloth Diaper-1

Adult Cloth Diaper-1

  • Outer: plain PUL
  • Inner: Suede Cloth
  • Double opening
  • Velcro Style
  • Product description: XS : Fit waist from 50-80cm S: Fit waist from 75-113cm M: Fit waist from 83-130cm L: Fit waist from 90-150cm

Product Information

1, Name: Adult Cloth Diaper

2, Size: XS/ S/ M/ L/XL

3, Details: Double opening, Velcro style

4, Out Fabric Options: Print PUL/ Plain PUL/ Plain Minky/ Print Minky

5, Inner Fabric Options: Bamboo Charcoal/ Bamboo cotton/ Bamboo terry/ Suede cloth/ Microfleece

6, Print: More than 300 prints as your request

7, Packing Details:
Shipment packing: one is Vacuum packing and another is Carton packaging (carton size 52cm*37cm*50cm/ 53cm*38*cm*65cm)
Product packaging: one cloth diaper one opp bag, without company information.

8, MOQ: 300pcs, 30pcs/ prints

9, Delivery time 28-30days

Adult Diaper insert

We will make the different insert to fit the different size, such as the below one.

Insert material options: bamboo terry, bamboo cotton, bamboo charcoal, microfiber, hemp cotton and others....

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