Pocket Diapers: Simplicity and Customization

Pocket diapers are a two-part system, with a shell (pocket) and an insert that is tucked inside the pocket. Find out why they are such a popular and easy cloth diaper option for new parents.

Of the various styles, pockets are one of the most popular cloth diapering options for new parents.  Pocket diapers offer simplicity of use as well as customization of absorbency.

Pockets are a two-part system, with a shell (pocket) and an insert that is tucked inside the pocket. They have a waterproof outer (usually made of PUL), and a stay-dry inside layer made of wicking materials such as microfleece, minky, or suede-cloth. The two layers are sewn together with an opening (usually at the back, but some put the opening at the front or have dual openings at both the front and the back) to allow parents to insert absorbent material into the pocket.

Pocket diapers offer customized absorbency and quick drying times, and with wicking fabrics, they keep baby feeling dry even after they have wet the diaper.

Benefits of Pockets

  • 1, Dry quickly
  • 2, Easily customized absorbency with lots of options for inserts
  • 3, Wicking fabrics (microfleece and suedecloth) used in most pockets pull moisture away from baby, so they feel dry - perfect for babies who fuss at the least bit of wetness!
  • 4, Easy clean-up - messes spray or wash off of inner fabrics easily, generally with little to no long-term staining

How Much Absorbency Do You Want?

To use a pocket diaper, you must "stuff" the insert into the pocket.  Both the shell and the insert are laundered after every wear.  Generally, you need to remove the insert before washing (except if the brand claims that the inserts will agitate out in the washing machine).  Pockets are then "re-stuffed" before each use.

While many pocket diapers come with inserts (usually microfiber), one of the main benefits of pockets is that you can customize the level of absorbency.  This customization feature makes pocket diapers incredibly versatile!

Experiment with types of inserts, or add extras for night-time use.You can use anything as an insert (including prefolds, or even towels if you run out of inserts!)

Tip: Keep in mind when comparing brands and prices - some come with an insert (usually microfiber) while for others you must purchase separately!

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